IT Outsourcing Governance

We help companies that outsource IT work to services suppliers. With suppliers often located thousands of miles away, it becomes almost impossible to grasp the day-to-day circumstances and realities of the challenges and opportunities at supplier locations. What you can’t see and therefore can’t know about, you cannot fix or improve.

We are your constant presence, your eyes and ears on the ground.

We help you govern your suppliers and to optimise the services that they provide. The benefits flow directly into improved quality of service and thereby reduced governance overheads.

We can help you:

  • Bridge the culture gap.
  • Maintain suppliers’ focus on priorities.
  • Drive efficiencies in suppliers' operations.

Enterprise Architecture

Most enterprises of scale, including those of modest age, accumulate a variety of systems in their architecture over time. This poses a challenge, as getting a common understanding of the information held in these systems, for internal or external use, becomes very difficult. It also becomes very expensive to integrate with partner organisations in a safe, efficient and reliable manner.

Modern digital organisations benefit tremendously from having well-integrated core and digital businesses. It also then becomes essential to develop optimised business processes that result in reduced servicing-cost per policy.

We offer Enterprise Architecture Consultancy and Systems Integration Services to help you simplify and drive your digital capability.

Change Delivery

To make Enterprise IT agile for faster application release, there has to be a change in the culture of the organisation. The invisible walls between development and operations teams need to be destroyed. The number of interactions between these teams has to increase and their quality must improve. Automation tools and processes need to be integrated.

Our service offering is focused around cultural transformation, engineering practices and automation in three core areas:

  • Distributed Agile and software engineering.
  • Release and deployment, and its performance management
  • Quality assurance and service virtualization.